Annual Besties Trip: Sandbanks Beach

Ohhhh Sandbanks! I've been hoarding these pictures since the end of August but I haddd to post them. I'm just not ready to say bye to summer yet! And neither is Mother Nature herself. Seriously, we've been hit with a heat wave and I am not complaining.

This was the 2017 version of our annual summer besties trip to Sandbanks Beach. It's a three hour drive from Ottawa to Picton (where Sandbanks is). This little town is totes adorbs and filled with cute cafés, vintage shops, and homey restaurants. Every year we just drive up for the day and always say we should really stay longer next time. Well, this was next time! Seeing as this was our last trip before some big life changes (Rosie moved to Toronto for school two weeks ago!) and Lisa is moving away in January for school, we decided to make this one extra special. We booked a hotel at the Picton Harbour Inn which was great and also had a fantastic breakfast spot. 

We spent two full days beaching, shopping, sipping iced coffees, eating all the foods, and laughing at our usual shenanigans. It was the perfect besties weekend and we sooo needed the down time. I cherish these memories and will think back to this weekend when I'm missing my bestie, like now

If you live in driving distance to Picton, Ontario, I highly recommend visiting this beautiful place for a cheap and cheerful weekend getaway. What are your summer highlights? 

The Vic Café: Coffee, incredible. Food, so-so. Aesthetic: Lovely!

Left: Picton Harbour Inn (steps from our room). 

I have to tell this story. The first year we visited Sandbanks, we were looking for a restaurant for dinner, in the pouring rain. We were tired and starved and the besties suggested this place called Angelo's. I was hesitant but decided to try it. I was soooo amazed by the food. Simple yet delicious and so comforting. The atmosphere is cozy and family-oriented. We go back every year. Angelo's has a special place in our hearts! 

ALL THE CUTE SHOPS!!! Left: Catalyst (fine goods, heritage workwear, magical things). Right: Luna Boutique (where I found the prettiest blue dress, I'll be wearing it in a post coming up!)


THIS. THIS. THIS. Was the best ice cream we ever did have! They roast actual marshmallows for this one. It's called Campfire and it's pretty much heaven. This is at Slickers Ice Cream.

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