It feels so good to be typing here again! You may have noticed I took most of July off blogging but I'm back to share a little about my summer and these very beachy outfit pics. 

Oh summer 2017, you've been a real mixed bag my friend. I feel like you've only just arrived. Like, where were you? Off gallivanting in London, eh? Well, us Ottawa people were here waiting for you. Don't you respect our time? We're a patient lot. We are. Anyways, I love you and could never be mad at your for more than a few minutes. 

And those minutes have passed. Ok. So. This summer. I've spent a lot of time biking, beaching, drinking iced coffee, complaining that it's never sunny, being overly excited when it is sunny, trying out new recipes, seeing my frands, teaching yoga, medicating some minor health issues, and peeling. Seriously, I've shed like a layer off my hands and feet (I had a bout of "hand-foot-mouth disease". WTF, right?) 

I've done a few short trips.. namely Almonte for Canada Day and a few weeks ago me and my twin drove down to Sarnia, Ontario, to visit family. It's been a pretty chill summer so far and I'm starting to think that's ok. This season always becomes over-hyped and there's a lot of pressure to "soak it all in" and "make the most of it". But the reality is summer is two months of the year. Two. So, don't be down if you didn't get to tick off all the boxes just yet. There's still August. And like, next year. 

I have many fun tings planned this month like checking out Kontinuum, selling clothes in the Vintage Pop Up Shop, trips to Gatineau Park, and the annual Sandbanks Beach trip with the besties

Tell me in the comments how your summer has been: good, bad and everything in between! 

Swimsuit: Primark London, $22. Shorts: Jeans DIY, Value Village, $7. Sunnies: Camden Market London, $10. 

Twin Soupy enjoying her book. 

She's reading Dumplin'.

I'm reading The Happiness Equation. I strongly recommend for people who are going about life sometimes confused about what really matters and are wondering how to make the most of your time spent here on earth. 

My attempt at our selfie. PHOTOS ABOVE BY LISA KIDD.

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