I got my thrift mojo back!!! 

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I haven't been thrifting as much lately. Back in college, I would frequent thrift stores at least once a week and enjoyed it so much. I think over the years, I became a bit jaded and disappointed really by the prices, selection, and quality of clothes I was seeing. I really missed the good ol' days when me and my equally thrift-obsessed friend Michael would shop for hours and be thrilled by our finds.

Well folks, the good ol' days are back and ready to party. One of the Value Village locations in Ottawa moved literally down the street and I don't know how long they've been hoarding the goodies for the new location but holyyyyy. I went with Michael and my sister Soup and we left with three huge bags. Some things are still very overpriced but the quality and selection have dramatically improved (at that location anyway). If you're in Ottawa, definitely check out the 'new' Merivale location. 

One of my latest finds was this top. It was originally a long dress (to the floor) with extremely long arms. I was seconds away from passing on it when I looked in the mirror and chopped it up in my mind. Snip snip here, snip snip there, and this is CAYOOT! I threw it in the keep pile. 

I took it home, put in a few hours of handywork, et voila! A new top! I am working on the matching skirt. If you have some skills and an eye for design, you can take thrifted pieces and turn them into just about anything your heart desires. All for five bucks! I wore this to a friend's birthday dinner and dancing at Greekfest. 

I was so happy to finally get my thrift mojo back. One thing I forgot about the thrift life though is how much space clothes take up! In making space for the new-to-me haul, I'll be hosting a Fashion Blogger Pop Up Shop this weekend with my blogger bestie (and IRL bestie) Rosie of Secondhand Rose, work-wife Catherine of Felix Embroidery, and Rowes Fashion

If you're in Ottawa, definitely stop by Union Street Kitchen CafĂ© and say hello! 

*this post is not sponsored.

Top: Value Village, $5 (DIY). Jeans: Forever 21+, $30. Heels: Le Chateau, $89. Purse: Gifted.  Hoops: Forever 21, $8. 


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