Sunday saved my life. Truly. Back when I was super anxious and having panic attacks, I started to prioritize my health and sought out things that would make me feel better. Yoga was and is one of them. I started going to my then co-worker and now good friend Christine's Sunday Kundalini + Soup class. Once I started going, I quickly realized how much it affected my week, and made it much better. It was like pressing the reset + recharge button for my body and mind. In 3+ years, I've hardly missed a Sunday class.

Christine has a way of teaching that makes Kundalini Yoga applicable to our daily lives. She shares meditations and breathing exercises that can be done anywhere and she makes the connection between keeping up in class — and in life. 

She's not only a Kundalini Yoga teacher but also a Sat Nam Rasayan meditation teacher and trainer. This meditation science taps into the space between thoughts... a place where we can become less judgmental of ourselves and more tolerant in all our relationships. Entering a state of Sat Nam Rasayan® means entering a state of total surrender, becoming nothing, and operating from the state of shuniya (Source: 3HO)Shuniya is the meaning behind the yoga centre's name: Shunnya Centre. Through this, I've been able to open my mind to the idea of not having to fix and change things around me, and to let them just be. As an analytical Virgo, I really benefit from practicing these type of meditations. 

After class, Christine serves the students her iconic homemade soups, which have now become a staple item in the front-of-the-house, Union Street Kitchen Café

After the soup, the Sunday fun carries into the café where I drink my cortado and munch on a cookie monster or a croissant. Sometimes I kick around the cafe helping in the prep kitchen or just chatting with Christine and the lovely baristas. If the sun is out, I hit up The Pond, which is just a short drive away. Or if I've biked to yoga, I visit the Byward Market on my way home. Every Sunday looks a little different but the key ingredient is yoga. 

How do you spend your Sundays? 

Kimono: H&M, $10. Dress: $20, Camden Market (London). Scarf: Value Village, $6. Leggings: Ardene, $12. Shoes: Primark, $12. Tote: $8, Notting Hill (London). 


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