One thing you may not know about me is I love to dance. But not in a profesh-routine kinda way but in a shakin'-the-booty-on-the-d-floor-being-squad-goals way. The dancing usually occurs in one of two situations. One, I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen listening to my jams and I frolic around between chops and stirs. Two, I'm out with my besties and we're tearing it up. 

On this particular evening, it was the latter. I wore this sultry ensemble for a night out with friends. The insider of the night was LISTEN TO REBEL HEARTTT! It all started when my friend Paolo mentioned that he hadn't yet listening to Madonna's latest album, Rebel Heart. And I proceeded to shake him and screech LISTEN TO REBEL HEARTTT. As I type this I realize it sounds very anti-climatic so I'm just going to go ahead and say you had to be there.

While I don't go out dancing nearly as much as I should, I really cherish it when I do. We had a wildly fun night and shared a zillion full belly laughs. 

Top: Primark (London). Jeans: Forever 21+, $40. Heels: Sam Edelman (Burlington Coat Factory, Florida) (Not the same but these are realllly cool), $20. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $20. Bangles: Royal Palm Vintage, $12.  

Photos by Lisa Kidd.

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