I never thought I'd see the day I would be trotting around the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show on faux-greenery. But as they say never say never! This past Sunday afternoon was spent doing just that. I went with my fellow vintage-obssessed friend Michael to check out what this season has to offer. Five minutes into perusal, we ran into Joa! I met this Queen a few vintage shows ago and now we try to see each other at each show. I look forward to seeing her outfit every time. This woman lives and breathes her art. She has such a zest for life, fashion and style. It naturally oozes out in her usual theatrics and jokes. I really must make a video next time so I can really capture her essence for you. She is shameless, making friends everywhere she goes and making me laugh until my face hurts. I was surprised this was her first time meeting Michael since we're usually together and she's always at the show. I'm so glad they finally met and she simply adored him! 

We had a ball doing loops around the Fieldhouse. Yes, you read right. This year's show was held in Carleton University's Fieldhouse, you know, where the students play soccer and write exams. The room was much more spacious and had tonnes of natural light (hence bomb picture quality, see below) however the location simply didn't fit the vibe of the high-class glam, rich history, and luxe fabrics that the vintage show displays. I prefer this location over the previous ones however it still isn't quite right. Faux grass or not, we focused in on the real reason we go, the goods! 

I went for a comically 70s ensemble with shades of Spring (hoping to tempt it). I say comically only really because of the oversized hoops. Besides those, I've worn this look to work. I tend to dress up like every day is special so when I dress for events, I really only turn it up a wee bit. Joa wore a skirt that she made out of Ikea curtain material (because it's stiff, she says). Paired with a racy black lace top, her fur, and iconic box bag. She works with clothes she finds and transforms them to suit her personality. The black patent hat was her find of the day and she channeled her inner Madonna. I'm so glad we got to catch up, shop, and take super cute pics, amirite? She is a treasured friend of mine. 

This booth was new this season and I ADORED everything! Their collection is beautifully curated with an amazing variety of vintage pieces, collectibles, wearables, and one of a kind accessories. It was all very my style. They're called Vanier Moderns and they're located in the basement of the St. Charles Church in New Edinburgh (Ottawa). I will definitely be visiting sometime soon! It's conveniently located down the street from my favourite cafe, Union Street Kitchen Cafe

Suede Jacket: Danier, Value Village, $10. Top: Forever 21, $13. Pants: Value Village, $10. Shoes: Sam Edelman Circus, Burlington Coat Factory, $18. Fishnets: Ardene, Rosie gifted. Hoops: Ardene, $6. Necklace: Forever 21, Rosie gifted. Ring: Ardene, $4. Headscarf: Value Village, $4. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $20. 


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