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I think I dislike Valentine's Day for the same reason I'm not fond of Christmas. It's the materialism, the expectations, and it can be isolating for single people, despite how fun Galentines is. 

I wanted to write a post about love. It's not a topic I touch on very often but something I do think about quite often. Being single for over a year now, I've had the opportunity to really explore what love is. Nothing like mending a broken heart by thinking about love and what it really is! In all seriousness, I've been learning to love myself and in doing so, I have experienced all of my relationships change for the better. And when I say relationships, I mean friends, family, colleagues, animals, and so on. 

Writing about love feels as awkward as writing about yoga. They're both so experiential that putting them into words feels funny. 

I think there's a huge disconnect in how we're told to give love and what it actually means to love someone. Buying your girlfriend a dozen roses will make her happy and she will feel appreciated, yes. But that isn't why she loves you. She loves you because when she's having a bad day, she knows that simply hearing your voice is comforting. When she's feeling happy and excited, she knows that she can share that with you. 

Your friends love you because you're there for them. You'll make time to spend with them in a world where everyone is "just so busy". 

Your dog loves you because... well just because. 

Love can be scary because it makes you feel vulnerable. Allowing someone to touch your heart and being able to touch theirs in return can be terrifying and beautiful in the same breathe. 

Do you feel me? 

On this day, I think we can all find comfort in that we're all the same. We all want love. We all have so much love to give. Today and everyday, show the people in your life that you love them by making time for them, by looking them in the eye when they speak to you, by truly listening to what they have to say, by holding space for them, by giving them a real hug where you feel your hearts' boop (when your hearts touch ever so slightly), and by letting them know that you value them being in your life. 

Happy day to all my Valentines. 

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