Miracle Moments: Curated

It's time I open up to you about something. 

I have a super power.

Actually, we all do. We all have the ability to see the good in everything. Some call it optimism, come call it God. I find it through something I like to call miracle moments. I began noticing them a few months ago and started taking the time to acknowledge them, and give them the appreciation they deserve. Because if we only enjoy moments that are textbook awesome, we're missing out. Life isn't always awesome. But! If we can find beauty in the chaos and the mundane, it's not so bad. 

This post is brought to you by miracle moments and what happens when I begin to carry my camera around more often. 

This is one of my favourite plants. If you know me, you'll know my plants are kind of like my babies. Winter is hard because a lot of them don't get the right amount of sun. This plant lost a piece of it's branch. I was sad but there was still hope in the second branch. A few days later, I noticed this little leaflet sprout from the dead branch. I screamed. HOW!!! Nature continually inspires me to keep growing, no matter what. Update: the leaflet is much bigger now.  

Leave it to dumpster graffiti to say everything you ever needed to know. Be. Just Be. Why's it so hard to just be sometimes?  

Meet Betty. She's my family's dog but lives with my parents. She slept over for a few nights during the Holidays and I eves-dropped on her afternoon nap. Isn't it sweet how dogs sleep where they fall?

I'm a bit over pretty cafe photos of latte art. In this photo, the coffee and cookie have really lived, you know? I think the crumbs look cute and the foam is pretty.

Do what makes you feel alive. Giddy.

I NEVER spill things, rarely trip, and almost never stub my toe. That's the other twin. But one morning I spilt an entire hot cup of tea. And the cup, spoon, and teabag landed like this. The spilt tea painted a picture on my floor. I actually think it was perfect. Instead of crying over spilt tea, I enjoyed the mess and how it looked. 

The sun doesn't care if it's -20c outside. It shines despite everything. I want to be more like the sun. 

And it sets beautifully. The calm, dreamy sky overlooking the chaos of afterwork traffic is a perfect balance.

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