Oh January, you're just so fresh aren't you? Nothing like frigid temps filling your lungs with cold air to alert you to the reality of a new year. January is like a Monday. It's fresh, new and clean. It means no harm but sometimes gets a bad rep. I'm finally over the awkward/weird/exhausting return to reality post-holidays and feeling more energetic and ready for what's next. 

Weather-wise, Ottawa is on regularly scheduled programming, in stark contrast to our fake 2016 Winter (warmer temps, less snow, the skating canal was only open for like two weeks). While some days I just want to hibernate, I do try to get ~out there~ and embrace my city and its cool air. 

On this particular day, my sister and I went skating and then shopped a bit. The cold isn't so bad when the agony is shared. We had fun laughing at ourselves and our shaky skating skills. Also, hot chocolate tastes better when you're freezing. 

In true Canadian fashion, my blog gets quiet in the Winter. And I know I'm not the only one as I notice a huge lack of realistic Winter fashion posts out there. I'm going to do my best to shoot more outerwear looks this season. I think the key is to be quick. And your photographer has to love you, like a lot. 

Tell me, how is your January? 

Coat: Dejac, Value Village, $40. Scarf: DIY, Jeans: Forever 21, $20. Boots: Naturalizer, The Bay (outlet) $75. 

*when your eyes water from the cold.

Photos by LISA KIDD.

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