2017. New Year, New Hair, Same Me

Dress: Thrifted, $3. Top: Forever 21, $12. Boots: The Bay, Naturalizer brand, $75. Backpack: Giant Tiger, $20. 

Happy New Year!!! 

I hope you've had a good holiday and hopefully a bit of a break from your jobs, school, and life in general, you sooo deserve it. 

New Year, New Hair! That's what's up over here. My mushroom cut had grown out into a bit of a mullet and my roots were quite harsh (it was all too 80s for me) so it was time for a refresh. My high school girlfran and phenom hair connoisseur Nessa was in town doing a guest spot at my salon so I was excited to finally have her do my hair! I'm so happy with it and think this is just the beginning of my next hair chapter. 

This month I am focusing on being gentle and kind with myself. Not setting unrealistic goals. Not biting off more than I can chew. And certainly not cutting any carbs. I live a lifestyle that makes me feel good and this includes eating healthy, exercising, yoga, and getting enough sleep. It also includes eating junk food, taking a day days off from the gym, and 2 am dance parties in my living room. 

2017 goals? Acquire more thrift oddities like this denim dress. 

Necklace: Forever 21, $13. Bracelet: MetoWe, gifted. Photos by Lisa Kidd.

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