The average Canadian spent $766 on holiday gifts in 2015

Yikes, right? Tis the season of giving. If you're new here, I am a bit of a Grinch when it comes to this season. Firstly, the madness starts waaaaay too early. Second, the music, the bells, the songs we've heard 1234984 million times, the malls, the traffic – it makes people go mad, literally. I feel like all these things add unnecessary stress to a time that is supposed to be joyous. And that's another thing. Through media, we create these expectations of how we're supposed to feel or what we're supposed to be doing and when we don't, we feel disappointed. 

This year I am trying to change my perception and hence my reality by doing things that are rooted in the real meaning of giving and helping others. I've signed up to deliver food hampers and my team at work are creating a hamper as well. I am putting more thought into the gifts I give. I've recently come across some really great companies that are giving back in some way. And I figure, if you're going to buy Christmas presents anyway, wouldn't it make sense to purchase something that also gives back to charity? Alas, here is a gift guide of gifts that give back.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I genuinely love all of these products and the causes they represent. All photos are derived from the linked websites or are my own. 

1. black metallic TOMS booties 
2. Conscious Step socks   
3. Me to We bracelet * also seen at Chapters
4. Share cookbook 
5. recipe for success shower curtain 
6. mantra mala
7. DIFD toque/merchandise 
8. gold mantra ring 
9. "stigma-free" t-shirt, * want 15% off? Code: MARCELA15

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