Okay okay I've warmed up to Fall, folks. We're cool. We're like a millenial relationship: not 100% committed but like we like each other but we'd never shout it from the rooftops, ya know? *rolls eyes*

And keeping with the relationship metaphor, Fall and I (and my two besties) went on a big date last weekend to our favourite event of the season: the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

I've actually lost count how many times I've been to this thing. I mean — it's a massive room of vintage clothes. What's not to LOVE? I get so lost in the racks feeling the textures and sifting through bits, wafting from booth to booth, in a vintage haze, as my arms fill to the brim with things to try on. The clothes bring everyone together but it's really the people that makes the show come alive. I always make a few new friends and exchange opinions in the change room. This time I even rescued a poor girl who got virtually stuck in a dress. I'm happy to report the girl — and dress — made it out alive, without a scratch (or broken zipper rather). Phew! 

One of the first things I tried on was a Cinderella-blue (is that a colour?) 70s drapey evening dress. Off the rack, it looks like a table cloth, but once I put it on... GLAM QUEEN! I thought it was really unique and pretty. Also, the besties approved and so did two random bystanders. I generally dislike modern evening dresses or gowns so when I find a good vintage one, well, that baby is coming home with me and we are living happily ever after. I'm sure you'll be seeing it in an upcoming blog post. We are entering party season. Shit! We're entering party season. Bottoms up!

Dress: Exile Vintage, Kensington Market (Toronto), $35. Purse: DIY, Bev Kidd. Earrings: H&M, $4. Boots: Torrid, $80 CAD.These are my new WIDE CALF boots! Yesssss. I can never find long boots that fit my calves. I never took it personally though. I always believed the fashion industry had the problem, not I and my beautiful, strong calves. Thankfully, there are now many online retailers selling wide-calf boots! I hope this sheds into the storefront so it is more accessible but for now, I am very happy with these.

Photos by Michael Tundo and Rosie Waugh.

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