Grab a tea, folks. This is a love story. 

It was May 2016. And there she was, and there they were. Soft and light, yet powerful and rugged. Stomping to the beat of "Woo" on a floating clear runway. I had heard about them and how they took three months to make. But now that I've seen it, I can't imagine Rihanna and the boots and "Woo" ever co-existing without each other.

Okay, okay, maybe you had to be there but watch this and I swear we'll be on the same page. Basically, Rihanna sparked my love affair with over the knee boots and she is one of my style icons and so I had to find me a way to be a part of this. 

I've always had big strong calves. My legs are the largest part of my body and for a long time were a huge source of body insecurity. I've since fallen in love with my curves and have learned to embrace them but have also learned that the fashion industry is still playing catch up to the beautiful, curvy, self-loving ladies. Once I more than entertained the idea of my calves fitting into such a boot, I began to search. My in-store search ended quite quickly when I couldn't find any wide-fit over the knee boots in person. There were a few wide-fit knee-high ones but I wasn't about to settle when in my heart I wanted OVER the knee. 

Alas there is no reward without risk so I turned to online shopping – where almost everything is available to anyone willing to take the chance (and pay the shipping and duty – yikes!). I saw these olive babies at Torrid and decided to chance it. They post the measurements and so I was quite confident they would fit. 

Obviously you can see with your eyes that they in fact do fit – and with wiggle room. My only critique is that the zippers sometimes catch each other as I walk since my thighs are very good friends, lovers I'd say. I am brainstorming some Macgyver ways of fixing this issue. Tape maybe? 

I've been really amping up my self-love lately. I've been learning to accept and love myself and my body exactly how it is. I've been doing this by respecting my body and taking responsibility. I like to action the R-E-S-P-E-C-T by eating healthy foods and exercising but also indulging with a coffee and cookie when I want to and staying in for a night to relax when I feel I need it. I've been listening. Learning when to say maybe vs. yes. Surrounding myself with people who uplift and inspire, and not reacting emotionally to those who don't. I've been giving myself pep talks and taking an extra moment to look at myself naked and feel really happy and comfortable in my skin. I've been challenging myself to love the dimples and spots and rolls. Learning to love my body in a world that constantly tells me not to – and actually profits off my insecurities – is something I work on every day. Funny enough, being single has really taught me how to love myself. The most important relationship we can have is with ourselves. We all want love and acceptance from others but if we can cultivate that within ourselves first, then our happiness is always in our hands. And it always is, but we often forget. We attract the love we think we deserve. We have to learn to love ourselves 100%. 

Claim that right now. 

Love. You. Now.

*This post is not sponsored.

Dress: Urban Outfitters, $30. Shop similar. Boots: Torrid.com. Top: Value Village, $6. Shop Similar. Necklace: Forever 21, $13. Shop similar. Headband: Crocheted by me. Ring: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $13. Coat: Value Village, $40. Shop similar.

Photos by LISA KIDD.

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