It seems like everyone has a dream in their head that they talk a lot about but never actually take action to achieve it. And then you meet people like Kristie Lance. This young, local, fashion designer is making her dreams happen but not without a lot of planning, hard work, determination and actual blood, sweat and tears (HAVE YOU EVER TRIED SEWING ANYTHING?!).

We first met last Winter when she asked me to walk in her upcoming show at Runway for Hope. I nervously said yes and quickly fell in love with the chaos and thrill that comes with walking the runway. Her most recent shows were at the National Women's Show where she put on a show each day of the weekend. Kingsly's photography and I snapped some backstage photos that I wanted to share to give you an inside look at the magic that goes down. 

Kristie's vision is to make clothing for all women, every body, and this is what makes her stand out from the crowd. And that's exactly what she sets out to do. She's often encouraged the audience to join her "rebellion" in fashion. It's about loving yourself and not caring what anybody else thinks. The backstage ambiance of self-love, encouragement, and community leaks through the runway and into the audience. You can feel the mood change in the room after Kristie's shows. 

I have always been a rule breaker. The standards that have been set in society I feel is not the standard us women should set for ourselves. I have always been different and in High School was bullied a lot due to this. Instead of laughing and bullying those who are different, we should embrace that we are all so unique. I want my kids to be rule breakers too. Surround yourself with rule breakers.

I want women to relate to my clothing and see themselves in my clothing. The fashion industry has always used mostly one size of models. Reality is, we are all so different. We should represent our diversity more. My fashion philosophy is no matter your shape and size you should feel beautiful and confident in what you wear. Embrace your flaws because in many ways that was makes you beautiful.

- Kristie Lance

She is currently working on her new collection. See it for yourself at Capital Catwalk (Ottawa) in January!

Also, go ahead and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

MAKEUP / TEAM LEAD: Dazzling Faces Makeup. TEAM / Erin Dittburner, Alina, Maykee, and Jennifer.  

PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.
MODEL/ JESSIE (INSTA: @arensjessie) PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.


PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

MODEL/ VAMICA (INSTA: @iamcur_v PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

MODEL/ MADELEINE / PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

MODEL/ CLEOPATRA (INSTA: @cleoevelyn) PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

MODELS/ Laura Kidd, Dana (AMTI), Annabelle (AMTI), Sarah, Vamica, Cleopatra, Leonie (AMTI), Anne (AMTI), Jessie, Tammie (AMTI), Anngela (AMTI), Sophia, Emma (AMTI), Cloe, Kaitlin, Kimberly, Jaella, Madeleine, Kate, Etta, Amy (AMTI). PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

PHOTOGRAPHY/  Kingsly's Photogography.

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