Kensington Market Graffiti Jam

Jacket, Dress, Shoes: Value Village, $10, $6, $15. Tote bag: Sally Beauty, free. Choker: H&M, $3.

This post is brought to you from The Fashion Kidd archives vault. That's a fancy way of saying I took these in May but they never got posted. I was in Toronto for a yoga workshop (White Tantric Yoga) and made a little weekend vacation out of it with close friends. If I look a bit puffy it's because I had gotten a $450 parking ticket that morning and handled it with ease freaked the f*ck out. I later fought the ticket and it was canceled. Ah, hindsight. 
This dress has been a summer sixteen staple for me. It's something I could see Phoebe from Friends wearing. These white classic Reeboks have been my go-to sneaks these past few months. 
I try to visit the Kensington Market anytime I'm in Toronto. It's essentially a community of vintage stores, cafes, produce stands, and meat protesters (we saw a child dressed as a cow handing out flyers). It's full of life and creative souls - making it a place I must frequent! I bought two stunning vintage dresses (one of which you will see very soon!). 

And with that, I guess we can now say Summer is gone. But! Fall is here! I'm trying to embrace change. 

 photos by LISA KIDD

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