Pastel Summer Stroll

Ahh Summer, I love you. I've been spending a lot of time outside lately. As much as I'm a city girl, I'm the type of person who needs fresh air. And I don't need to travel very far to get it. I'm lucky to live in walking distance of many naturally beautiful spots. My sister and I are currently babysitting our family dog Pebbles and we decided to give her a nice long walk yesterday. We slightly overestimated her energy levels and might have forgotten that she's 17 (which is like soo old in dog years). We took turns carrying her home but she did have a lot of fun! 

How are you spending your Summer days? 

Top: Value Village, $6. Skirt: Value Village, $5. Backpack: Giant Tiger, $20. Jelly Sandals: JuJu, $45. Sunglasses: Forever 21, $9. Jewelry: Gifted.  


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