Minimal outfit + thoughts on commitment

While my personal style mantra is and always will be more is more, in the Summer time I like to keep things real simple. I also just moved to a new apartment a week ago so I have limited access to the full tundra that is my wardrobe. This particular Saturday was spent brunching and running errands. 

Since we haven't chatted in a while, I wanted to touch on a topic that's been on my mind: commitment. But more specifically, why is everyone so flaky???

I've noticed that people have a very hard time sticking to plans in general. I'm guilty of it too but for the most part I'd say that I do what I say I'm going to do. I've been talking to friends about this phenomenon and I feel like it boils down to the fact that social media makes it seem like there is soo much going on (FOMO) and making plans can happen at the click of a mouse. While this has its benefits, I think it makes people feel like they could be doing something better with their time at all times. It's like there is always something— even last minute— that could happen that they would rather be doing. It's not that the new activity is better than the ditched plan but it's the illusion of it. Has the Internet also made us scared of face-to-face interactions? So much so that we avoid them? 

Are we so disconnected from what is real that we can't even commit to a hang out? I'm not bitter about anything in particular I swear but I've just noticed this occurring a lot and felt the need to share. 

I see this happening not just in friendships but also in the wonderful world of dating. It seems like nobody would be caught dead looking for a relationship or wanting something serious. And even if two people were dating for over six months or even more, it still isn't "cool" to become exclusive. Hear me out. I've never had the dream of marriage and the white picket fence but I do believe in love and intimacy at a deeper level but fear it isn't even having the chance at being explored or experienced. Have we traded the experience of deep connections and close relationships (friends and romance alike) for the convenience of casual encounters

I feel blessed to live in a world of more opportunities and less expectations of women to fit into a cookie cutter lifestyle but is it getting a little out of hand when a person can't even commit to a having a drink? Have we become too protective of our time? 

Tell me your thoughts. 

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Pastel Summer Stroll

Ahh Summer, I love you. I've been spending a lot of time outside lately. As much as I'm a city girl, I'm the type of person who needs fresh air. And I don't need to travel very far to get it. I'm lucky to live in walking distance of many naturally beautiful spots. My sister and I are currently babysitting our family dog Pebbles and we decided to give her a nice long walk yesterday. We slightly overestimated her energy levels and might have forgotten that she's 17 (which is like soo old in dog years). We took turns carrying her home but she did have a lot of fun! 

How are you spending your Summer days? 

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