I think this has been the longest break from blogging I've ever taken. And I promise it was not on purpose. I literally have so much content but lacked the time to curate it.

Quick update before I tell you all about my vacation! I finished my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in early June. Yay! I am now leading early morning yoga and meditation every Wednesday at Shunnya in Ottawa. I am planning a post all about that experience and I have so much to share with you so stay tuned for that! That occupied much of June. The second half was spent relaxing in the sunshine state of Florida. And with Mickey. He's my man. 

Which, in a nutshell, leads me to where I am now. Finally home and sorting things out. Getting back into the groove. I also have plans for a blog makeover in the hopefully near future. It has been on my mind for a while so I am hoping to set aside some time soon to work on that. 

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