One of the first things that interested me in fashion is the runway. I used to watch Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker and the fashion shows were always the highlight for me. The runway is where it all goes down. I soon realized that some designers blend in and others fight very hard to stand out. Some choose to simply make nice clothes and others choose to make clothes that say something. 

I've never really ever pictured myself walking in a fashion show. I used to think I was too short, not pretty enough, and would simply never get the opportunity. I'm a PR girl. I've helped promote fashion shows in the past. I've been back stage. I've been a guest at shows. I never thought I'd be the one walking down the runway. 

Until now. 

A few months ago, local designer Kristie Lance discovered me through my blog and asked if I could model in her upcoming show at Runway for Hope. It would be the first ever full curvy line to be shown on a runway in my city.

I checked out her website and soon realized that she is special. It honestly took me a few minutes to get over the initial shock. Me? Model? I then jumped at the opportunity and graciously obliged. If I was going to be promoting a designer and wearing the clothes, I want to believe in the brand and the message behind it. And Kristie's brand has the ultimate message. 

Rebellion. In fashion. In life. This was the theme for her latest collection. I couldn't believe in it more. I have always seen my sense of style as rebellious, care-free, and wild. She also caters to all body shapes and sizes which is so important to me. 

A few weeks before the Runway for Hope show, I was also given the opportunity to walk in the upcoming National Women's Show, of which Kristie was chosen as the key runway show. In a matter of a few weeks, I was somehow booked to walk in two shows!

I was pretty nervous at first but once I met my fellow curve models at the first rehearsal, I was so so happy and excited. They were so supportive, uplifting, and welcoming to me as the rookie. They made the whole experience so fun. 

It was really cool seeing the behind the scenes of a fashion show from a model perspective. From the hair and makeup to the chaos of getting dressed and lining up, it was quite an experience. It's a lot of wait wait wait GO GO GO! I loved the excitement of it. 

I think I've always wanted to at least try walking down the runway. I would often (and still do) walk down a hall way and pretend it's a runway. The moment where my feet actually stepped foot on the stage and I was OUT THERE and walking was surreal. It all happens so fast and when I stepped off the runway in the first show, I was shaking with adrenaline. Such a rush! 

These shows were so meaningful because of the message Kristie was sending. By having both straight and curvy models, short and tall, it shows that style has no limits. And that in a world that constantly tells us that we're not enough, we should be rebels in loving ourselves. 

Thank you Kristie for having me in your shows. 

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Thanks to Kamara for the photos.

Me and Kristie. 

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