A Celebration of Style: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show Spring 2016

Last weekend I put on my best chesterfield garment and accessories to attend the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show Celebration of Style. I'm not sure I can personally say it's really about the shopping for me anymore. I've lost count of how many times I've attended this show, which gathers vintage vendors from all over to pop-up shop sell their best stuff. Over the years, I've made friends with the vendors and frequent shoppers. Nowadays when I attend, it feels like a vintage family reunion rather than a shopping trip. 

OF COURSE the clothes are what has brought us all together and the eye candy is always divine. The vibe was slightly different this year since they moved to an area with more space. It felt a bit disconnected since the show was divided into four connecting rooms rather than one large circus. The extra space was appreciated for more elbow room. I still had a great time and feasted my eyes on some beautiful, unique pieces from the past. 

One of my favourite vendors, Sharona (see below), was there with her booth and possy. She's an 80s girl at heart and has a sharp eye for fun, affordable pieces. It's her personal collection and she always has a few pieces for me to try on arrival. Her spirit and infectious enthusiasm is what I love and aspire to embody. 

I also reunited with my vintage show soulmate, Joa. THIS WOMAN! Let me tell you. She is one in a million. She always dresses to the nines and often hand makes or repurposes her clothes and accessories. Once she has a vision in her head, hand her the right materials, and BAM! Done. Flawless, too. I also just love her passion for life. She makes everything more fun and uplifts people around her. She views life as a party to be had and her outfits are her work of art. 

Being at the show helps me feel more connected to the glam girl inside me. I adore the people watching and feeling like I'm in the company of those with an appreciation for style, attitude, sass, and the good ol' days. ALSO! This was my twin Lisa's FIRST vintage show. She always had to work in former years and this time she was actually free. You'll see a pic of her shopping below. She's also the genius behind all the pics, isn't she great? *round of applause*  

I bought a little daisy brooch and a ring. I've been really into small details lately. I'm pretty content with my current wardrobe and so I've been investing a few bucks here and there in accessories like scarves, jewelry, brooches, and hair pieces that can take an outfit from good to SO FUCKING COOL. 

The twin. <3 

This beauty asked if Joa and I could take a picture with her. We were like vintage characters that you can take a pic with (you know?) sooo funny. I love it. 


If you haven't guessed yet, this is JOA. 


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