Vintage Love + GIVEAWAY

Vintage is my thing. I'm an old soul who just adores the look, feel, and smell of vintage clothing and accessories. They have so much charm, class, and decadence. Vintage shopping gives me such a thrill and my favourite time of year is approaching once again! 

I've said this before but it rings true. The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is like Christmas for me. Yes, it's an opportunity to shop from vintage stores across the nation and have the best selection from each store. BUT it's also a huge celebration of style. STYLE. Not fashion. 
Style is an attitude. An air. A feeling. People with style don't just simply get dressed. They dress UP. Their outfit isn't just about the fabrics they put on their body but the attitude and confidence they carry them with. When I get dressed, something happens inside. I feel giddy, happy, and free. My outfit carries me and I carry it. We marry into a beautiful relationship. 

Before this turns into a love story, I'll get to the real meat of this post. I want to send YOU to the Vintage Show FO FREE so you can use your valuable coins towards something SPECIAL! 

To enter:

  • make sure you're able to attend the show on Sunday, April 10 from 10am - 5pm in Ottawa, Canada 
  • like the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show 
  • like The Fashion Kidd 
  • leave a comment on one of my Facebook page posts telling me what you LOVE about vintage
Two winners will be randomly selected on Friday, April 1st and will be notified via Facebook comment. Each winner will receive two tickets to the show. Your tickets can be picked up at the show (front entrance).  

If you plan on attending the show, make sure to follow and tag @ottawavintageclothingshow and @laurakidd on Instagram so we can see what you wear / pick up! I would LOVE to meet you there so don't be shy! 

Here's a taste of what you'll see at the show, from my photo archives:

Fall Vintage Show - 2014.

The most recent show - 2015 Fall Vintage Show.

Circa the 2013 Fall Vintage Show.

This was the 2015 Spring Vintage Show.

Circa the 2014 Fall Vintage Show 

You will ALWAYS see Joa at the show! If you need just one reason to go, SHE IS IT! I look forward to reuniting every time. View this post.

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