Multi-Coloured Sequins x Inspiration Awards

I am starting to believe less and less in coincidences. I feel like everything I've done and the people I've met have all played a role in my life or taught me something. I met someone last Spring who inspired me so much he literally brought me to tears. It was at a student-run mental health gala Masterpieces of the Mind and featured guest speakers and artists. One such speaker was Jayson. He told his story of living with mental illness following a car accident in high school. For years he struggled with living in fear and silence until he was able to get help. The most striking part of his story for me was hearing how he was able to change his family's mindset around mental illness. Since then, he's not only reduced stigma within his family but it's spread to his friends, school and community. He does so much to help others and contribute to this cause. I felt he was more than worthy of The Royal's Inspiration Award - Youth Category. And so I nominated him! And to his and my pleasant surprise, he was chosen! Watch his full story here
Ok so Jayson was definitely the star of the night but since this is a fashion blog, let's take a quick peak at my outfit. I bought this top over a year ago but hadn't found the right place to wear it. I couldn't believe what good condition it was in. I shop for sequins A LOT and this was by far the most perfect piece I've found. Doesn't it remind you of the Rainbow Fish colours? It was most fitting for this special evening. The sequins directed the rest of the outfit and so blue lipstick only felt right, ya know? 


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