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Fashion shows in Ottawa are so far and few between. So when one occurs, I try my very best to be there! Last weekend was the Capital Catwalk show, presented by Her Campus at the University of Ottawa, an online magazine. The show featured a range of local designers and boutiques. My favourite was Kristie Lance. Her designs reflect every woman, no matter the shape or size. I also love the designer herself. We met a few weeks ago at a fitting for her next show, which yours truly will be walking in! We share a love for vintage and thrifting and she showed me a few of her prized possessions. If you're in Ottawa and want to witness my city's first ever curvy runway show, you can get your tickets here
I threw this outfit together in a flash. I love suits. There's something so classy but sexy about them. To avoid looking too serious, I decided to wear a black lacy bra, a choker, and a bright orange purse. 

Does anyone else feel like life has been a little bit crazy lately? I've been desperately craving some down time. While I love love love going out and seeing awesome people and being productive, I feel like I need to re-charge my batteries. Here's my game plan: I've done my yoga today and made a lovely breakfast. I'm going to go for a swim in a bit and I have a massage booked later. Me and my sister are going for Pho for dinner so we won't have to cook. 

Mini yogi update: Even though it seems impossible some days, I have been keeping up with my homework. It takes about an hour or so every day. It's challenging to carve out the time that I don't really have but I do believe in MAKING time for priorities. And this is definitely a priority. I can already feel my brain changing and I notice it in the way I react (or don't react, rather) to things, how I communicate with people, and how I feel. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 

Above: Zargara. Below: Kristie Lance
Kristie Lance Designs


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