Night Bright

Sweet and sour. Bright with subdued. Darks with brights. 

We've been seeing these trends float around for some time now but for me, they never get old. Colourful clothes make me so happy. There's always a way of re-inventing yourself by mixing and matching different colours and patterns. I find that when I wear bright colours, I not only lift my own spirits but I notice it affecting the people I see throughout the day. Especially during Winter in my city. It's grey, white, slushy, messy. So I think a bright outfit ~and lip~ is refreshing to see. 

I wore this out with my gal pals for my very first Galentine's Day. I've been a single lady for almost six months now. It's been a journey of mending a broken heart mixed with self love and discovery. I go through phases of feeling sad, happy, lonely, and free. I was actually looking forward to spending time with my best friends this Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate love, whatever that may look like. I've been trying to find love in all of the non-traditional ways. In learning to love myself and others to my greatest capacity, I find my loneliness subsides and my heart opens to new possibilities. So cheers to that!  

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Wellness Warriors: Winter Woes

I first met Kelly in 2012 at a blogger's brunch before going to my first ever Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. We sat beside each other. We chatted. And from that moment until basically now, we remained online buddies. I've watched her journey of embracing her passions through her ever changing blog and life. In the past year or so, she really caught my attention with her posts about self care, anxiety, nutrition and overall health. 

If you're a frequent reader, you'll know my passion for self care. The more I read Kelly's blog and as she appeared in my social media feeds, the more I felt drawn to her. Her posts are helpful and relatable and many have to do with taking good care of yourself. With our shared interests, I felt like we could make something really cool together. That we did! And this right here is what was born of our chatty coffee date. 

I first read Wellness Warriors on one of Kelly's Facebook posts. 


I loved it so much. It made me so happy. I felt like Yes! THAT is me. That is Kelly. That is so many people!

So many of us are fighting everyday for wellness. For ourselves. For others. And we truly are warriors. I resonated so much with these two words that we decided to call our collaboration Wellness Warriors. And it's not just for Kelly and I. We are Wellness Warriors. And so are you. We all are, really. 

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Capital Catwalk | Navy Suit

Fashion shows in Ottawa are so far and few between. So when one occurs, I try my very best to be there! Last weekend was the Capital Catwalk show, presented by Her Campus at the University of Ottawa, an online magazine. The show featured a range of local designers and boutiques. My favourite was Kristie Lance. Her designs reflect every woman, no matter the shape or size. I also love the designer herself. We met a few weeks ago at a fitting for her next show, which yours truly will be walking in! We share a love for vintage and thrifting and she showed me a few of her prized possessions. If you're in Ottawa and want to witness my city's first ever curvy runway show, you can get your tickets here
I threw this outfit together in a flash. I love suits. There's something so classy but sexy about them. To avoid looking too serious, I decided to wear a black lacy bra, a choker, and a bright orange purse. 

Does anyone else feel like life has been a little bit crazy lately? I've been desperately craving some down time. While I love love love going out and seeing awesome people and being productive, I feel like I need to re-charge my batteries. Here's my game plan: I've done my yoga today and made a lovely breakfast. I'm going to go for a swim in a bit and I have a massage booked later. Me and my sister are going for Pho for dinner so we won't have to cook. 

Mini yogi update: Even though it seems impossible some days, I have been keeping up with my homework. It takes about an hour or so every day. It's challenging to carve out the time that I don't really have but I do believe in MAKING time for priorities. And this is definitely a priority. I can already feel my brain changing and I notice it in the way I react (or don't react, rather) to things, how I communicate with people, and how I feel. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 

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