Yogi Adventures: Part 1 / January

As some of you know, I'm embarking on a journey to self-mastery. It takes the form of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training hosted by the one and only Kulmeet. The training partakes over one weekend per month, for six months, and last weekend was the first training. It was like my first day of school all over again, heh! 
I want to share my yogi adventures with you since this is such a big part of my life and who I am. Kundalini yoga has helped me get through so many difficult times. My regular practice has taught me how to properly breathe (I know, right?), I've learned how to be more tolerant and patient, how to relax in stressful situations, and it's changed my relationship with pain. It's helped me become a stronger, more peaceful and gracious human. It has only done me good. 

However, I didn't become the person I am today overnight and without work, let me tell you. This type of yoga is weird. It's hard. It will test you. But if you can work through your negative mind, you will reap the rewards. 

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It's a science of the mind and body, to elevate the spirit. It is a non-denominational spiritual practice. It's yoga for everyone. 

Last weekend I was surrounded by 13 fellow yoga students, many teachers, and friends. We learned about the origins of Kundalini yoga, how to properly do different assanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing styles), I FINALLY participated in my very first Sadhana (early morning meditation), and we learned how to modify exercises for individual strengths. 

We had two teachers instructing this weekend: Guru Dharam from Sweden and Siri Sat from New York. We had lectures, discussions, demonstrations, watched a movie, did yoga sets, meditated, chanted, laughed, cried, and ate some delicious vegetarian food while sipping homemade yogi tea. Shoutout to the lovely kitchen peeps! 

I felt like I already knew so much about Kundalini yoga until this weekend. I now know I am just scratching the surface. The more I learn, the better my practice is. I want to become a better teacher to help the people in my life and myself. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions I had with the students and teachers. Each conversation was so deep and real. One of my favourite parts was when we all shared a little story about ourselves. Learning about how and why others practice this yoga was so cool. People practice to become the best version of themselves and the stories of how they got there are so beautiful. 

I'm truly so grateful for the opportunity to take this course. This one weekend has changed me so much already. I can't wait to continue on this journey and see where it takes me. 

Oh, and I have yogi homework! We were assigned a 40 day meditation and kriya (yoga set) in order to learn how to have a daily practice. It's not going to be easy but I do know how good I will feel. 

Thank you for reading and following along on my journey. If you ever have any questions about Kundalini yoga or anything really, never hesitate to get a hold of me. 

Sat nam! 

Atmadev (this is my spiritual name, it means whose soul is attuned to the divine

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Embracing Canadian Winter

My hands are quite icy while writing this post! Winter is in full swing and this is about the time I'd usually pull out my long list of complaints. I'm choosing not to be that person, at least if I can help it! Complaining is such a natural tendency when something isn't ideal but I'm trying to challenge my urges so I can have a more peaceful mind about it. I mean, I do live in Canada, it's about time I begin embracing all that it is - flaws and all. Maybe Winter isn't so bad. Yes it's cold, but there are worse things. 

Learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations is something I've been trying to hone lately. If we know that what we focus on grows, why do we sometimes tend to focus on only the bad? Or cold, in my instance. When I'm in an uncomfortable situation, I've been trying to raise the little voice in my head that has the power to say "you know what, this is not pleasant, but that's ok." Even something as simple as that actually makes me feel better about it. And since what we focus on grows, I'm going to focus on palm trees and sand. I'll let you know if I end up on a beach!

I'm starting my Kundalini yoga teacher training this weekend. I'm sooo excited to embark on what I imagine will be an incredible journey. And I'm taking you with me. I'm going to be blogging about my yogi adventures! Maybe that's what I'll call it: Yogi Adventures

So, here is me embracing Winter. Fashion definitely helps!

Speaking of fashion, another way to embrace Winter is to force yourself out of the house, put some lipstick on, and head to an event in your city. I'm really looking forward to Capital Catwalk on January 30. Ottawa doesn't host too many fashion shows so when one occurs, I'm on it! If you're in Ottawa or even Montreal, it will definitely be worth the drive. Get your tickets here.

Embracing Winter 1

Embracing Winter 2

Embracing Winter 3
Embracing Winter 5

Embracing Winter 6

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Shine Bright

First post of 2016.

I've been feeling really good these past few weeks. A bit invincible but maybe just more like myself. I've been on a journey of doing what I love and following my heart. I've been making space in my mind to let my inner light shine. In other words, I've been 'taking out the trash' in my mind and making room for my truest self to come through. This will help me become my greatest version. After all, this is why I'm here. To be the best me. 

I'm starting this year on a deeper note because I want to connect with you on a more personal level. Of course, my posts will always be fashion inspired, but I wanted to make the writing portion of my posts more real. Less talk about what I'm wearing and the weather. 

I'm too excited for what this year will bring. I haven't set any resolutions in stone because I'm going to continue to listen to what my heart says and embrace it all - the good, the magical, the messy, and the sometimes uncomfortable. I trust in my most authentic self.  

This month, I'm beginning a self mastery course (Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training) for the next six months. I'm doing this for me. To strengthen my yoga practice and better my relationship with myself. I also want to share what I learn in hopes that it will help others like it has helped me. Let's just say I don't know how I functioned before knowing what Kundalini yoga is. 

I wish you love and happiness and light in 2016, and always. 

Hello head-to-toe Value Village!


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