Greenhouse x Mom Jeans Vibes

As a self-proclaimed plant lady, you'll understand my excitement in visiting a greenhouse. Plants and flowers are fascinating. It's so cool how they're alive and breathing, how they grow and evolve. 

I'm lucky to live very close to an array of greenhouses and have always wanted to shoot near them. The lighting was perfect on this day, light and bright but soft. 

I wore this to check out the greenhouses and then for an afternoon coffee and cookie with my sister. Funnily, we went to Blumenstudio which is a floral and coffee shop. It was a flowery day. 

Blazer: Value Village, $6. Jeans: Value Village, $10. Necklace: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $15. Boots: New Look, $30. Bag: Gifted. Tank: Old Navy, $4. Lipstick: Milani "Espresso". 

These sparkles are my new thing! I bought a whole sheet of different coloured ones from the dollar store and have been wearing a different colour every day. 

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