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I am most definitely not the same woman I was one year ago. Twenty fifteen has been my year of fearless. It's been scary incredible and I'm so grateful to have shared so much of it with you. As always, thank you so much for your support of my blog, it means so much. To all my blogger buddies, keep on sharing your creativity and thoughts with the world, I love following along. 

Here are 15 things I'm proud of doing in 2015.

1. Shared my story of anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
2. Survived winter.
3. Kept a steady yoga practice.
4. Learneding to love and embrace my body.
5. Made time for me.
6. Ran a 5 km race.
7. Taught myself how to dye my own hair.
8. Made a few new friends.
9. Had good times with old friends. 
9. Moved to a better apartment. 
10. Surviveding a breakup.
11. Called my grandma more than usual.
12. Ran a 10 km race.
13. Tried White Tantric Yoga.
14. Made some fucking awesome dinners.
15. Went on live TV twice.

Here are my favourite outfits of the year.

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Vintage Pink Coat OOTD and Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve! 

I wore this last weekend to do a bit of shopping and then to go out for Rosie's birthday. I've been loving this super mild winter weather this year. I get to wear all my lighter, thrifted coats and boots. I'm trying to milk it before the real winter hits. I've been obsessed with these faux leather leggings. I have a hard time finding pants that fit well, mostly due to my booty-waist ratio that doesn't fit the standard size. But leggings. Leggings always fit me well because they just snap to the curves. I also bought them in navy. 

Tell me, how are you? I know this is such a busy month for everyone so I do hope you find some relief this week and time to relax. Rest is so important. Remember that you can't pour from an empty cup. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. 

I wish you the happiest holidays! 

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I sometimes wonder how people get dressed. Whenever I see a beautifully composed outfit, I ponder how it all came together. For me, there are some key things that I consider when getting dressed. Things like my mood, the weather, and the days' activities all cross my mind. I think there's also a bit of magic to it, or a je ne sais quoi? if you will. I like to wear at least one thing that is questionable. Something that adds a bit of mystery. 

To find out what exactly goes through my mind when getting dressed, watch my video below. And please leave a comment and tell me one thing you consider when getting dressed!

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Greenhouse x Mom Jeans Vibes

As a self-proclaimed plant lady, you'll understand my excitement in visiting a greenhouse. Plants and flowers are fascinating. It's so cool how they're alive and breathing, how they grow and evolve. 

I'm lucky to live very close to an array of greenhouses and have always wanted to shoot near them. The lighting was perfect on this day, light and bright but soft. 

I wore this to check out the greenhouses and then for an afternoon coffee and cookie with my sister. Funnily, we went to Blumenstudio which is a floral and coffee shop. It was a flowery day. 

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