The Fashion Kidd x The Outfit Repeater Thrifted Clothing Swap

One of the reasons I started my blog was because I was so inspired by the blogs I followed. I feel like I'm friends with the people behind my favourite blogs. I've got to virtually meet so many cool people all around the world! While we may never meet in person, I still feel connected to their lives. 

When I first started my blog, I often wondered whether anyone was visiting or enjoying my posts. I'm grateful to have family and friends who read my blog however, I can't explain how good it feels when a complete stranger does too. 

Early in my blogging days, I came across the lovely Hannah Rupp of The Outfit Repeater, a self-proclaimed re-incarnation of an 80s valley girl (and I can vouch for that!). She was one of the first strangers to comment on my blog and now I truly feel like we're friends. She's hilarious and sassy but so kind and down-to-earth. We share a deep love for thrifting. Just when I begin to think I'm up on my thrift game, I visit Hannah's blog to be reminded of reality. Scroll to the bottom of her outfit posts and check out JUST how thrifty she is. I'm talking skirts for $1.50, shirts for $0.50! Definition of thrift right there. 

Since we've been blogger buddies for a few years now, we decided to test out how well we knew each other's style and went thrifting for each other. It's like having a pen pal but you also get clothes! Hannah picked out this awesome blazer for me. I think she must've known that blazers are my favourite article of clothing ever. This paisley print is just so fall and can go with so many different things. The flowy material makes it a more casual piece but the print allows for me to dress it up or down. Thank you so much, Hannah, for sending me this. I'll love it forever not just because it's beautiful but because it came from you! 

Shopping for Hannah was so effortless and fun for me! I was on the look out for something 80s and I found the perfect piece. I absolutely adore how she styled it! The piece and her hair are a match made in pink heaven. Head over to her blog to witness the magic! 

Do yourself a favour and go check out her blog for some thrifty outfit inspiration. You also have to check out her YouTube channel because she's so funny! Actually just go follow all of her social media. You're welcome. 

Blazer: You guessed it! Thanks Hannah. Shirt: Gifted. Skirt: Zara, $30. Shoes: Office, $120. Necklace: Grandma's. Coat: Glebe Garage Sale, $25. 


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