Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show Fall 2015

You know how people get excited for Halloween or Christmas? Well, for me it's the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. It's my event of the year (except I get one in the Fall AND Spring!)

If you're new here, the show is where vintage vendors gather from all over to sell their best goods. It's a big vintage party! 

It's not really even about the clothes but what the clothes do. They bring people together! The show connects all the vintage lovers and creative enthusiasts. Basically all of the weirdos come out to play and it's beautiful. 

My outfit was inspired by this 70s dress I recently thrifted. The colours are a fall dream and I had all the accessories to match. I always love dressing up for the show and better yet, seeing what other people are wearing! I think this was the show's biggest season yet. It was super busy and there were so many vendors. Everyone seemed to be having a ball. Congratulations to all the organizers on an event well done! 

Vest: Winners, $26. Dress: Vintage, Value Village, $10. Purse: Ragtime Vintage, $13. Boots: New Look, $30. Bangles: Aldo, Value Village, $3-6. Glasses: Clearly.ca

I met this stunning lady at the Spring 2015 Vintage Show. It was love at first sight. Joa is always so well dressed. Those words don't even describe it. She takes it to a whole other level. She's so inspiring to not only myself but to everyone she passed by at the show. She recycles old pieces and adds to new purchases and creates beautiful works of art. Her new motto is: We are all pieces of art in the gallery of life. Ha! Love it. We have the best conversations at this show! 

Ok. Can we talk about these SHOES!? Sported by the beautiful Rosa, who says these are from Irregular Choice.

Sharona's Closet is one of my faves. She brings her personal vintage collection and always has a piece or two for me. Her style is totally 80s but her collection ranges from 50s to 90s. We love talking about vintage clothes and how the quality is unmatched to the clothing that's out today. I would say that's one of the best reasons for shopping vintage. 


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