How to deal with anxiety & be fearless

I've gone from having anxiety and being afraid to leave the house and having a fear of heights to going on planes, running races, and learning to be fearless. This year has been my year for taking chances, facing my fears, and learning to love me. I've wanted to make a video about this for so long and I'm happy to finally bring it to you. 

I've shortened my story a lot for the sake of this not being a film so just keep that in mind while watching. There are so many things I would add but I will save those for another video. I hope this helps or inspires you in any way. Please share it with a friend if you think they might benefit! 

As always, thank you so much for your love and support on here, it truly means a lot! 

If you're experiencing mental health issues and need help, please check out my other posts on this topic (which include links to get help): 

Comment any tips and resources you find helpful, it's all about sharing!

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