Long coat, short hair

I chopped off all my hair! And I'm digging it. I came to the decision whilst flipping through old photos and realizing I've had the same variation of hair for the past five years. Since I've been in the spirit of change this year, I decided to just go for it! I've never been too attached to my hair and I'm pretty handy with turbans so I figured I couldn't go wrong. I'm so happy with the results and I'm having fun with it. 

This outfit is one of a handful of my current winter uniforms. I switch between about five each season. I'm happy the bit of snow we got last week has already melted but unfortunately the cold stayed. I'm not complaining though since we've had such a mild winter so far. 

This scarf is actually a piece of material I found at the thrift store. If you're looking for a big cozy scarf, don't forget to check the material section! You might need to cut it a bit or you might get lucky like me and it's the perfect size. Their material tends to be priced a bit lower than the scarves, too. 

I'm still on the lookout for some awesome winter boots. I'm having trouble finding a new pair since most of the ones I see are either: 1) Too boring. 2) Not warm enough. 3) Too expensive. If you see any wicked ones, send them my way! 

What are your winter uniform essentials? 

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How to deal with anxiety & be fearless

I've gone from having anxiety and being afraid to leave the house and having a fear of heights to going on planes, running races, and learning to be fearless. This year has been my year for taking chances, facing my fears, and learning to love me. I've wanted to make a video about this for so long and I'm happy to finally bring it to you. 

I've shortened my story a lot for the sake of this not being a film so just keep that in mind while watching. There are so many things I would add but I will save those for another video. I hope this helps or inspires you in any way. Please share it with a friend if you think they might benefit! 

As always, thank you so much for your love and support on here, it truly means a lot! 

If you're experiencing mental health issues and need help, please check out my other posts on this topic (which include links to get help): 

Comment any tips and resources you find helpful, it's all about sharing!

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Fall Week of Fun

The title really says it all! Welcome to my fall week of fun. 

I took these a few weeks ago while on a hike in Gatineau Park. My sister had a week off from school at the end of October so we planned a whole week of fall fun! Fall is such a beautiful season but it's way too short. I've learned that you have to do the fall things quickly before the season is gone. Our week consisted of eating fall foods, watching spooky movies (Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus - can you tell we're 90s kids?), a trip to Saunder's Farm, and this here hike! 

I made us a little activities calendar for the fridge and we actually got so excited about each day. It's fun having something to look forward to. I feel slightly guilty to admit this was only my second time in Gatineau Park. I live just 30 mins from this serene nature oasis but never get out there. I live in Ottawa but it's a half hour drive heading past downtown to enter the province of Quebec and the city of Gatineau, where this beautiful and might I add HUGE park is. It's basically a big hill with multiple different trails and parks. There's even a ski hill and lakes throughout the hill! We stopped in this adorable coffee shop on the way home to warm up. Good week! 

Did you get a chance to do some fall activities before you blinked and it was over? 

Coat: Thrifted, $5. Hat: H&M, $6. Jeans: Reitmans, $17. Boots: Dr. Martens, $180. Glasses: Clearly.ca. Backpack: Giant Tiger, $20. 


Top of the hill (almost) watching over the city.

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Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show Fall 2015

You know how people get excited for Halloween or Christmas? Well, for me it's the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. It's my event of the year (except I get one in the Fall AND Spring!)

If you're new here, the show is where vintage vendors gather from all over to sell their best goods. It's a big vintage party! 

It's not really even about the clothes but what the clothes do. They bring people together! The show connects all the vintage lovers and creative enthusiasts. Basically all of the weirdos come out to play and it's beautiful. 

My outfit was inspired by this 70s dress I recently thrifted. The colours are a fall dream and I had all the accessories to match. I always love dressing up for the show and better yet, seeing what other people are wearing! I think this was the show's biggest season yet. It was super busy and there were so many vendors. Everyone seemed to be having a ball. Congratulations to all the organizers on an event well done! 

Vest: Winners, $26. Dress: Vintage, Value Village, $10. Purse: Ragtime Vintage, $13. Boots: New Look, $30. Bangles: Aldo, Value Village, $3-6. Glasses: Clearly.ca

I met this stunning lady at the Spring 2015 Vintage Show. It was love at first sight. Joa is always so well dressed. Those words don't even describe it. She takes it to a whole other level. She's so inspiring to not only myself but to everyone she passed by at the show. She recycles old pieces and adds to new purchases and creates beautiful works of art. Her new motto is: We are all pieces of art in the gallery of life. Ha! Love it. We have the best conversations at this show! 

Ok. Can we talk about these SHOES!? Sported by the beautiful Rosa, who says these are from Irregular Choice.

Sharona's Closet is one of my faves. She brings her personal vintage collection and always has a piece or two for me. Her style is totally 80s but her collection ranges from 50s to 90s. We love talking about vintage clothes and how the quality is unmatched to the clothing that's out today. I would say that's one of the best reasons for shopping vintage. 


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The Fashion Kidd x The Outfit Repeater Thrifted Clothing Swap

One of the reasons I started my blog was because I was so inspired by the blogs I followed. I feel like I'm friends with the people behind my favourite blogs. I've got to virtually meet so many cool people all around the world! While we may never meet in person, I still feel connected to their lives. 

When I first started my blog, I often wondered whether anyone was visiting or enjoying my posts. I'm grateful to have family and friends who read my blog however, I can't explain how good it feels when a complete stranger does too. 

Early in my blogging days, I came across the lovely Hannah Rupp of The Outfit Repeater, a self-proclaimed re-incarnation of an 80s valley girl (and I can vouch for that!). She was one of the first strangers to comment on my blog and now I truly feel like we're friends. She's hilarious and sassy but so kind and down-to-earth. We share a deep love for thrifting. Just when I begin to think I'm up on my thrift game, I visit Hannah's blog to be reminded of reality. Scroll to the bottom of her outfit posts and check out JUST how thrifty she is. I'm talking skirts for $1.50, shirts for $0.50! Definition of thrift right there. 

Since we've been blogger buddies for a few years now, we decided to test out how well we knew each other's style and went thrifting for each other. It's like having a pen pal but you also get clothes! Hannah picked out this awesome blazer for me. I think she must've known that blazers are my favourite article of clothing ever. This paisley print is just so fall and can go with so many different things. The flowy material makes it a more casual piece but the print allows for me to dress it up or down. Thank you so much, Hannah, for sending me this. I'll love it forever not just because it's beautiful but because it came from you! 

Shopping for Hannah was so effortless and fun for me! I was on the look out for something 80s and I found the perfect piece. I absolutely adore how she styled it! The piece and her hair are a match made in pink heaven. Head over to her blog to witness the magic! 

Do yourself a favour and go check out her blog for some thrifty outfit inspiration. You also have to check out her YouTube channel because she's so funny! Actually just go follow all of her social media. You're welcome. 

Blazer: You guessed it! Thanks Hannah. Shirt: Gifted. Skirt: Zara, $30. Shoes: Office, $120. Necklace: Grandma's. Coat: Glebe Garage Sale, $25. 


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