Pastels All Year Round Baby

I've always been really drawn to pastel colours. They're light, bubbly, and cheery— kinda like me! I've been told that deeper colours make my eyes pop more but I still can't help but love lighter hues. I've never been one to follow fashion rules and have always worn pastels year round. However, now they're an "official fall 2015 trend" so I hope more people will feel better about wearing them in the fall and winter season too. It's funny how when something becomes a trend, suddenly people feel like they now have permission to dress a certain way. Wear whatever you want people! If a white t-shirt makes you happy, wear that. If a rainbow sequined skirt makes you feel happy, wear that too. And if you find one, send me it! Do you. 

I found this dress in the sale section at Additionelle. I don't normally go looking for clothes there but I went with my sister to help her find a new bra and I of course trailed off and got distracted at the sales rack. 

This dress just jumped at me. It reminded me of something Vivienne Westwood design. It's also made of that scuba material which is an automatic YES. The colours are my pastel heaven. As I was leaving the house, I realized I needed something, anything, that wasn't pastel to make this actually work. I threw on my patent booties and I was set. I wore this to have dinner with friends in Chinatown. 

Tell me, would you wear pastels in the fall? 

Coat: Dejac, Value Village, $40. Dress: Additionelle, $29. Blazer: Value Village, $5.  Headscarf (pink): H&M, $6. Headscarf (blue): Value Village, $1. Boots: New Look, $29. Glasses: Clearly.ca 


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