Smiley 50s Housewife

My sister told me I looked like a 50s housewife in this outfit. As much as that can be a very classy look, I can't help but laugh! If you know me, you'd know I'm near opposite to wanting to be a house wife. Women have so many opportunities today than in the 50s when all they could amount to is cooking and cleaning for their husband and children. Not that those experiences aren't profound and life changing too, I just feel so lucky and blessed to be living in a free country with so many golden opportunities and I want to experience as much of that as I can. I just want to live a life true to myself, help others, and keep dreaming big. 

This dress was the only thrifted piece of clothing I bought in England last summer. I didn't adore it at first but couldn't leave the country without something thrifted! While packing up my clothes this summer, I came across it and almost gave it away. I just couldn't. The granny inside of me needed it. 

It's one of those pieces that doesn't look good on the hanger. You might even mistake it for a table cloth at a quick glance! Once I tried it on again, I remembered that I actually love the fit. 

I wore this to meet up with Rosie and grab some bday balloons. I'm now a 24 year old!!! It feels weird to say but I do enjoy aging. I find it classy. Aging means that I've survived another year and I'm grateful to have had so many beautiful experiences. I'm reading Oprah Winfrey's book right now, yes me, I'm reading!! And in her gratitude chapter, she talks about aging and how it's actually such a wonderful thing. I completely agree. So many children and teenagers don't live to see 24 because of illnesses, accidents, and suicide. So who am I to moan and groan that I'm OLD?! I won't. 

I've also been a follower of Advanced Style for some time now and that blog has truly changed what aging will look like for me. I WILL be an Advanced Style lady someday and I'm looking forward to it. 

Dress: Thrift store in England, $10. Necklace & Earrings: Joe Fresh, $4-6 each. Backpack: Giant Tiger, $20. Similar here. Shoes: JuJu, Little Burgundy, $40. Similar here.


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