HAPPY BDAY SOUP! Meet my twin.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that I have a twin. She occasionally pops up in my posts and I'm sure I talk about her more than I realize. If you're new here, welcome! And hey guess what? I have a twin! 

I've always wanted to dedicate a post completely to this amazing person and I felt that her birthday would be the perfect time. Now, before you ask, yes we really are twins. We're fraternal twins meaning we are simply two siblings who shared the same womb. That's why we don't really look like identical. I've always been grateful of this because we get all the benefits of being super close yet we have different personalities, style, and interests. 

Fashion is one interest that we definitely share. I think I got obsessed first and then she soon followed. She somehow managed to have half the amount of clothes as I do, which I attribute to her smart spending habits. Her style is kind of like mine where it can be outrageous, sequined, and glam, but then some days it can be quite casual. 

She is the talent behind most of my blog pictures and I always beg to snap a few of her. I now have quite the collection of her outfit photos, see below!  

Lisa is a Humanities student in university. She adores books and we have piles and piles throughout our apartment. She reads like real complicated literature. That's how I describe it, being more of a magazine and Twitter reader myself. I always admire her ability to sit with a good book for a few hours and get so absorbed in it. Something I am still trying to enjoy. 

Today is our birthday! 

I guess this is when I should tell you that I am three minutes older. Ah yeah. In many ways I do act older but I'm definitely not more mature. To this day, I tend to always do things first. I feel like I should test them out first so Lisa knows it's safe. She's my baby. 

I love being a twin. Growing up I always had someone to play (and fight) with, and now we're the best of friends. It's not all sunshine though. Our hearts break when we think about our eventual separation and imagining what it would be like to not live together. It's a real thing called twin separation! We googled it. 

What else can I tell you about her? Lisa has a really good idea of what is right and wrong. She is my voice of reason and I need to know her opinion on almost everything. She's a very loyal friend too. She truly cares in a genuine way and everyone knows that about her. Her heart is pure and intentions are always good. 

Her sense of style is always practical and comfortable with a sense of mystery. She loves the 80s- the music, fashion, everything. Her outfits tend to mix modern with vintage. Being very practical, she also looks for good quality materials and isn't one to pass up an awesome leather jacket, see below! She knows exactly where to spend and save money when it comes to shopping. She saves on jewelry, purses, t-shirts, and jeans, and spends more on coats, boots, and fancier tops that will last through many occasions. 

Why do I call her Soup? I get asked this a lot. It's a nickname thought up by my cousin Ashley. It began with Lisou. Then Lisoup. Then it was just Soup. And it stuck. Nicknames are something that you don't really have control over. Once they catch on, they stay.  

I hope you enjoyed getting to know my other half today and I'm sure you'll be seeing her on here some more! 

Happy Birthday Soupy, there's no one I'd rather share my bday with. 

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