Blonde Ambition / Bedtime Stories: Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Concert Look

Last night I saw my queen for the second time. It was the world premiere of her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal

If you know me, you know that Madonna is hands down my favourite artist and icon. She constantly inspires me. She's a perfectionist and is always re-inventing herself. I love her attitude towards life and love. 

I'm not sure if you can really call her concerts just that. They're more of a broadway musical / production. From the costumes, dancers, performers, and stunts, to the props and special effects, you truly do get your money's worth. This time she had screens that lifted from the ground and dancers who would dance / fly off them in coordination with the images on the screen. Hard to explain in words, but it was really cool! She also had many stunts including men on crosses that would bend and almost reach in to the audience. My jaw definitely dropped a couple times! 

Her concerts also make me cry. Firstly when she comes out because I'm in complete awe of her presence and then again whenever she plays a song that I really personally connect to. Her music makes me feel like anything is possible and it's all going to be okay. Her performances and dancers make me feel like our bodies can do anything if we have passion, determination, and persistence. She overall just inspires me to do more, create more, and not care what anyone thinks or says. 

She played a lot of her new songs off of Rebel Heart, check it out. But of course she had to play some classics like True Blue, Like a Virgin, and Material Girl. She surprised the audience with a cover of "La Vie en Rose", it was perfect. 

Let's talk about my outfit shall we. I've always been inspired by her Blonde Ambition tour hair and make up with the long ponytail, wearing the iconic Jean Paul Gautier cone bra. You know that one! However, finding a similar cone bra is near impossible so I opted to wear a dress inspired by her Bedtime Stories album. The fur purse was hand crafted by my aunt and I felt it was perfect to go along with the "bedtime" look. I also wore a black blazer later in the evening. 

It was a day filled with the amazing sights and tastes of Montreal, constant laughter with friends, and of course Madonna! Perfect day-after-bday celebration if you ask me! 

Dress: Value Village, $4. Purse: Bev Kidd. Shoes: Expression, The Bay, $32. Lips: Deep Red lip liner, Joe Fresh, $7.


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