pinstripe 70s vibe

The thought of getting dressed in the morning has always motivated me to go to school or work. College is when I began really experimenting with clothing and it was the driving force waking me up from bed at 6 am. I loved school and I love my job now but sometimes I need a little help getting excited to get out of bed and on with my day. Dressing just does that for me. 

I wanted to share another work outfit with you. One of my favourite things to do is get dressed for work. Every morning is a fresh slate and I can look completely different from the previous day. These days it feels like anything goes for workwear but I know some workplaces have rules. I work in a hospital in a corporate environment so I try not to show too much skin but I don't hold back my personal style. Some days I'll wear a blouse and pants like below but other days it might be a shift dress and kimono or maxi skirt and beaded top. My colleagues have said: "You just never know what you'll turn around the corner wearing!" 

On this very hot and humid day I grabbed an iced green tea with mint. 

Blouse: Joe Fresh: $7. Pants: Value Village, $6. Shoes: Franco Sarto at The Bay, $50. Purse: Valentina, $26. Sunnies: $10, Camden Market London. Headband: Forever 21, $5. 


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  1. I like that use outfits as an incentive for the day. I've honestly never looked at it that way but it's actually really true for me! I can coax myself out of the house if I've got on a smashing outfit. lol

    Your look is so stellar. You pull off the '70s like nobodys business!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater