I'm currently on vacation visiting my cousins who live 6+ hours away! My sister, myself, and my two cousins Brandy and Ashley have been BFFs since diapers and now I get to watch their little ones grow. They each have a one year old boy and they're so adorable. This was the second splashpad we visited in two days! I hadn't been to one since I was little so it was really fun to be a kid again. 

It's sometimes challenging to pack outfits for a vacation but I think if you have some really great basics and know how your clothes fit you, it's easier to put together outfits while away from the comfort of your own closet. 

Let's talk about my new glasses! As a glasses/contact lens wearer, I'm always on the lookout for a great pair of glasses. I like to give my eyes a break from contact lenses as much as possible so I try to have a few pairs to choose from. Although it's not always easy because the cost of new frames and lenses and anti-scratch, anti-glare, lens thinning, UV, and the list goes on, can really add up, costing quite a chunk of hard earned dough! 

I was excited when Firmoo contacted me asking me to check out their website and choose a pair. Of course I would like a pair of new glasses but I wasn't about to share something with you that I wouldn't love and use myself. I quickly learned the prices are fabulous. Being a thrifty gal, I am always on the hunt not only for the best product but the best price and I won't settle for less. The frames cost much less than other websites I used to shop on and the quality is the same. I was also impressed with the packaging and they arrived within days of ordering. I will certainly be shopping there again soon. 

If you're on the hunt for your next great pair, get 15% off your first pair and I invite you to check out their new arrivals as well. 

Mesh Top: Value Village, $4. Leopard Top: Value Village, $6. Skirt: Part of suit, Value Village, $5. Sandals: JuJu, Little Burgundy, $45. Purse: H&M, $7. Glasses: c/o Firmoo. Necklace: Camden Market, London, $10.



  1. You are rocking the heck out of this look! Your leopard print is divine.

    Also, I had no idea what a splashpad was (I thought maybe you were using a Canadian term) but after Googling it I DO know what it is and just never knew the name of those things. Oddly enough there's a new one opening up not too far from my hometown. What a coincidence!

    Enjoy your time with your extended family. :)

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. This outfit is so you. From the bold glasses to the orange, to the wild handbag. I adore it, you looks so cute and totally in your element.