Sugar Shack

Welcome to Spring in Canada. Yes, there's still snow. Yes, it is cold. But! There's fresh maple syrup at this time of year. You heard right! There are these very Canadian looking cabins called Sugar Shacks where they make maple syrup out of the sap from the trees. I snapped a few photos of the trees collecting sap so you can see for yourself. I have to admit I totally thought the trees just leaked maple syrup into the buckets until my sister who spawned this trip explained that the trees create sap and the sap is then used to make maple syrup when boiled and mixed with sugar

Canadians put maple syrup on pretty much everything. At least that's what TV might tell you. From a true Canadian, I can tell you we sure do love our maple syrup. Most of us just put it on breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, and bacon (the BEST). I've also seen it used in baking, as a sweetener for coffee or tea, and Starbucks has now taken to the trend and created Maple Macchiatos and other drinks of the sort. 

My sister and I happened to go on the day of the Maple Festival and got free brunch. There was live music and activities for kids. There were also a few food trucks (including a poutine truck). This was just an all around very Canadian festival. As we ventured to the Sugar Shack, we stopped for some Maple Taffy (maple syrup on snow), and then bought some of the freshly bottled syrup. 

I guess I should say something about my outfit. This jacket was a score at Value Village. It's by Bristol (very expensive Montreal brand), but since it smelled sooooo bad, it was priced at $13. I hand washed it and left it on my balcony for days. Then I left it hanging in my closet for months. And bam! It finally smells like a leather jacket and the smell is bearable enough to wear! Can my fellow thrifters relate? 

Jacket: Bristol, Value Village, $13. Jeans: Nine West, Value Village, $8. Boots: New Look, $40. Scarf: American Apparel, $20. Sunglasses: Camden Market, London UK, $6. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd and myself. 

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  1. I love how Canadian this post is! I actually think I remember learning about how maple syrup was made from a tv show. I want to say it was Reading Rainbow?? I just know it was something on PBS and probably aimed at tricking kids into learning stuff. lol

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater