Daisy Lyfe

I live with my twin sister and on most days I wake up before her. She always has to see what I'm wearing before I leave the door. I'd say she even looks forward to it by the look on her face. This one morning last week, she said "Why don't you take pictures for your blog before you leave? You always look the best for work." Two seconds later I handed her the camera. She's my #1 fan and I'm hers. 

Vest: Value Village, $3. Skirt: Value Village, $5. Shirt: ASOS, $30. Hairscarf: Ardene, $3. Heels: Expressions, $19. Pearls: Grandma's. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 

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  1. Your sister is absolutely right. This outfit rocks! I love the daisy print scarf. It's pretty unexpected but it's totally working!