Brunch Casual

Happy Saturday! I wore this to have brunch with friends earlier today. It took no effort to throw together and the skirt allowed for eating room. The pops of colour made me feel cheery even though the weather today is totally blah. 

We also did a quick thrifting trip to St. Vincent where I found a grey velvet dress, navy blazer, and lime green planter. I've been slowly picking up things to get my plants in order for Spring. So far I have two daisy plants and two pots. I'm on the lookout for a mint plant, a new basil plant (mine has died over winter), and possibly a big palm. I'm so excited! I'm just waiting for the sun to get a little stronger and for more stores to begin carrying plants again. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 

Headscarf: Value Village, $3. Top: H&M, $22. Skirt: New To You, $3. Belt: Value Village, $5. Boots: Forever 21, $22. Photos by Lisa Kidd

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