As an avid thrift shopper, I rarely lust over designer brands. While I love fashion designers and their clothes, I simply don't have the means to afford them and I don't see the point in spending tonnes of money on clothes when I can find equally as great ones in the thrift shop. 

However, that being said, there is one designer and store that has my heart. Her name is Vivienne Westwood. She is truly amazing. She's been designing since the 80s and to this day continues to come up with the most outrageous and intricate clothing. Her very first shop still stands in London, UK, and is called "World's End" after renaming it every week before settling on that. My dream of visiting her store was realized last summer on my trip to England. I only spent two days in London but made sure I visited her shop. It was small yet cozy and bursting with personality. Her mannequins were dressed to the nines and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. I knew I wanted to purchase something to commemorate my visit and to treat myself. Money wasn't a thing, I just wanted something I would love and cherish forever. The shirt I'm wearing below is what I ended up choosing. My logical self immediately thought that I should buy a bag, wallet, or jewelry, but my gut screamed clothing. The squiggle print was invented in the 80s for her pirate collection, one that she is famous for. This print screams Vivienne to me. I wanted something that I would feel like I was wearing one of her pieces without being flashy with a logo or emblem. Her clothes truly speak for themselves and make people think. This shirt seems simple until you realize all of the unique details. The print, the cut, and how she put them all together is what drew me into this top. I literally thought for a split two seconds about purchasing and the next thing I knew, I was in a cab with a Vivienne bag in hand, on the way to the London Eye. And that's how it happened, folks! 

I try to wear this shirt at least once a month because I would hate to be one of those people who save good China for fancy occasions. If something was expensive, all the more reason to wear it more often to get your money's worth. This shirt simply makes me happy and for that reason I will show it some love! The running shoes are a recent thrift treasure as they were brand new with tags! They're one of the comfiest shoes I own and have become my new favourites at the gym.

Shirt: Vivienne Westwood , World's End (I couldn't find a link but you can find some on eBay and in her stores), Jeans: F21+, $18. Shoes: Adidas, Value Village, $23. Purse: Winners, $26. Ring: Camden Market, London, UK. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 


  1. really cute, love the print!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  2. What an awesome story to go with this dress! It's cute on it's own but I love the sentimental value behind it.


  3. beuatiful and I totally love those shoes