Vintage Daisy

I've been wanting to show these docs in an outfit ever since I bought them last summer in Camden Market (London, UK). I literally wear them almost every day. I'm a huge Dr. Martens fan and up until now only had one black pair. I had been wanting a new, more unique pair for a while. My eyes had been set on the gold ones (and still are) but I was really open to anything. I knew I had to come home from England with a pair of these classic 90s grunge boots. Whilst in Camden Market I found these babies and couldn't believe how perfect they were. They have an amazing 60s psychedelic print, as you can see. These particular ones are called "Vintage Daisy" which is so funny because Daisy is my nickname and vintage is one of my favourite things in life. How perfect?! 

There's almost nothing I wouldn't wear with them and they are so comfy. The first three or so days of breaking them in was pure agony (the price that comes with owning docs, besides the actual price of course). I would definitely suggest investing in a pair if you're able to. You can also find them in the thrift store or in vintage stores from anywhere between $15-90 which is much cheaper than the average $180 price tag. 

How are you doing? Are you almost ready for the holidays? For the first time in ever, I am actually done shopping early this year. 

Coat: Vintage, Kensington Market (Toronto), $10. Boots: Dr. Martens "Vintage Daisy" $186. Jeggings: H&M, $20. Sweater: Value Village, $10. Bag: H&M, $60. 

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