Thrifting Saturday

With Christmas festivities already behind us, I've been enjoying some time off work to sleep in, lounge in my PJs, and have the freedom of doing whatever I want! It's pretty awesome although being the type to feel the need to constantly be doing something, it's actually challenging for me to relax. I think I am getting better at it though! 

I wore this on a Saturday to go thrifting with my sister. I didn't feel like dressing up so I threw on my go-to jeans, a super soft Adidas pullover that I picked up on my last thrifting trip, a hat and my big fur coat to add some excitement. I rarely get to wear this coat since it's not quite warm enough for real winter days (surprisingly!) yet it's way too warm for fall or spring.

I treated myself this boxing day to a new lens. It's the Canon 50mm 1.8 portrait lens. It was used to take the photos below. I'm loving how it makes the subject stand out and it's so much fun to shoot with. I sometimes wish I were a street style photographer rather than the model since I love taking pictures so much! 

Hope you get some time off to relax this season! It does the mind good. 

Hat: F21, $7. Coat: Value Village, $20. Sweater: Value Village, $5. Jeans: F21+, $18. Boots: GoJane.com, $37. 

Look! I'm trying to grow out my own nails and stop biting them. Be proud. Nail polish: Sally Hansen Gel in Pinky Promise. Loving this nail polish so far. No chipping and on day 4. Plus, it makes my nails feel stronger so I'm less likely to chew! I know, it sounds weird. It's definitely one of my worst habits. Not only would I chew the nail but the skin too. Hoping I can ditch this!

Pictures by Lisa Kidd. 

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