Camel Coat / Grunge Boots

Winter keeps coming then going. On this particular day, it was very cold. I love this coat, it's so luxurious and very warm. This hat was my staple last winter and will probably be with me for this winter too. Lately I've been trying to focus on finding cool boots to wear for this season since I basically just wear one or two of the same coats. I find accessories are the best way to express my personal style when out and about in the colder months. I adore these new boots. I originally saw a similar pair by Celine and another by Cheap Monday but wasn't willing to pay the price. I don't usually shop online but when I came across these boots on Go Jane, I had to have them. How do you dress for the colder weather?

Coat: Aquascutum, gifted. Boots: Go Jane, $37. Jeans: H&M, 12 pounds. Long Shirt/Dress: Value Village, $4. Hat: H&M, $6. Scarf: H&M, $20. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 

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  1. I know the pain of trying to take pictures of a cute outfit in the frigid temps. I'm glad you stuck it out so you can show us this latest ensemble. I am digging your hat! That's so genius to buy a sequined winter hat because then you can sneak sequins into your outfit everyday. ;)