Foods I've Been Loving: Fall & Winter

I think we can all agree that fall and winter is when the best foods come out to play. When it starts to get cold outside, there's nothing better than going home to cook a warm, rich meal with colourful ingredients and spices. You may or may not know that I love to cook. I picked up this hobby a few years ago when I began eating healthier and teaching myself to cook. Once I moved out with my sister, we took a few months to figure out what's best for us for deciding what to cook each week. We found the method that works best is to find recipes online or in cook books each week and write down the meals we will make each night and put them on the fridge. Then we make our grocery list based on that. This works because then we're fully prepared to make each recipe and we aren't left scratching our heads deciding what to eat. The process of finding recipes and making the list literally takes me 10-15 mins each Sunday and it saves me so much time during the week. We also waste less food because we only buy what we need. My breakfast and snacks generally don't vary much but dinner is always different and I take the leftovers for lunch everyday at work. Here's a round up of dinners/foods I've been loving this season. Some are healthy and some are definite treats but all are homemade by me. Hope this gives you some ideas! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVED this soup. This was the second time I made it and it was delish. I will say that if you don't like beets, you won't like this. I only like beets ground up in a smoothie or as a soup so this recipe worked for me. Beets are rich in nutrients and fiber and have many great health benefits. Get the recipe here. 

Need I say more? These are definitely a treat but great for entertaining friends and as a pick me up after a long day. One tip: go easy on the salt. Get the recipe here.

This is my favourite thing on this list. IT IS SO GOOD. The cider sauce poured on the pork chops make them juicy and the roasted sweet potatoes and apples with the rosemary is so flavourful and delicious. I've made this a few times, it's that good. Get the recipe here. 

A fall staple. I know we see pumpkin this, pumpkin that, but if you make anything pumpkin flavoured it should be this. The sweetness of the pumpkin with the curry flavour is a force to be reckoned with. I used this recipe but used chicken instead of shrimp. 

This is a great example of simple foods being delicious. Simplicity in foods can be a beautiful thing if it's done right. This was inspired by this recipe. Also, it's carb-free.  

Such a treat, such a classic. You really can't go wrong with this soup and each bite is filled with ooey gooey heaven. If you want a treat and want to feel warm and fuzzy, follow this recipe. 

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