Polka Face

This has got to be the warmest Fall I've ever encountered. It's amazing. I wore this outfit to work and out on errands. The skirt is from Zara and believe it or not, it's a large. I'd normally be an XL or 1x but this seems to fit! It's funny how most people look past certain pieces just because they automatically think they won't fit. I've been a culprit of this but have learned not to judge something by the brand or shrug it off because I don't think it will fit or look good. The best things get overlooked sometimes. I love the print of this skirt, it reminds me a bit of Missoni with it's 60s feel and rich colours. I'm wearing a t-shirt that is actually spotted on the back and matching polka dot tights. My shoes are from New Look in England. That place has THE SHOES I tell ya. We could really use that store here in Canada. They have amazing things, good prices, great quality, plus sizes, and really cool shoes! 

T-shirt: Joe Fresh. $4. Skirt: Zara: $29. Tights: Joe Fresh, $6. Shoes: New Look, 22 pounds. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show (which is coming up Nov. 1): $10.

photos by Lisa Kidd.


  1. How is your skirt not vintage?? It's seriously so cool and swingin' 60s!

  2. How gorgeous do you look?? I am in love with your hair, glasses, skirt, shoes - everything! New Look is a brilliant shop as well :)


  3. You are sooooooooooooo adorable, dear laura