Moonroom Delights

I wore this for a much needed ladies night. We went out to the Moonroom in Little Italy, a place that has been on my "to go" list for a while now. We had drinks and tapas. They have a delectable array of cheeses and we also tried the bacon wrapped olives. I wore this sporty/minimalist outfit. It brings out a side of me that I've been trying to embrace more lately. While I love crazy prints, patterns, and textures, sometimes I take a break and dress simple. I've been wearing this furry pink scrunchy for weeks now. I love it. 

Top: H&M, $15. Jeans: Forever 21+, $18. Sandals: H&M, 12 pounds. Scrunchy: Ardene, $2. Purse: Value Village, $4.

Photos by Rosie.

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