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 Last night I attended the Safara Fashion Show with Aurelia. The show, which celebrates African print in fashion, was held in the beautiful Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa. After some seating issues, we eventually got settled and the show opened with beautiful, lively African dancers. The first designer, Elie Kuame opened the show with a real bang. He's a designer from Paris and his clothes were just amazing. They hugged each curve yet were so unique.

I absolutely adore African prints. They're colourful, fun, and each print is so different from the next. In event organizer Gwen Madiba's closing speech, she expressed how as human citizens of the world, we should all celebrate African print and wear it with pride. She introduced a winning design for a contest they held and the model walked the runway to Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman. It was a perfect moment. Learn more about the event here.

My outfit was thrown together in a flash. I don't like to put too much thought or time into how I dress. When I over think it, I tend to end up hating what I come up with. I'm so happy I finally had an occasion to wear my new gold blazer and this red leather purse that I've had for weeks (maybe even months). My hair was inspired by it's too long and I have roots. I think I invented a new hairstyle.

Head to toe Value Village. Blazer: Studio J, $10. Slip Dress: $7. Purse: $5. Shoes: Nine West, $7.50 

Designer: Elie Kuame
Elie Kuame
Elie Kuame 

Designer: Nyira: Elegance & Arts
Designer: Umoja Dji M.S.
Designer: Gwen Madiba. All photos by Aurelia and myself. 

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  1. Your hair is cute! Like a turban, without the turban