90s Two-Piece

Calling all 90s kids! Please tell me you remember this sparkly slinky material. When I saw this two piece at Value Village I had to have it. The long skirt with the slit and the top with the sheer sleeves are a match made in heaven. I've worn this outfit to work but decided to make it a little darker for the evening by adding clunky boots, a choker, and purple lips. I wore this last weekend to Saunder's Farm Fright Fest with Lisa and Rosie. It's basically a halloween themed park with various activities, halloween themed foods, haunted houses/mazes, and a haunted hay ride. They also have scary actors walking around jumping out at random people. I got scared twice by the same guy with a huge shovel! I laughed at myself the second time for being fooled twice. I'm normally not one to watch a scary movie or ghost shows but this year for some reason I felt the need to let go and just have fun with being frightened. We had such a fun night and ate some pretty delicious foods. The night ended with candy apples and a long dark drive home. 

Leather jacket: Value Village, $10. Two-piece: Value Village, $7.99. Boots: New Look, 22 pounds. Necklace: Garage sale, $3. Purse: Vintage, gifted. Lipstick: Mix of Covergirl Lip Perfection in Divine and Joe Fresh Matte Lipstick in Smitten. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 


Ottawa vintage divas: A reminder that the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is THIS SATURDAY! It's at the Convention Centre from 10am-5pm. Get a discount coupon here. I am soooo excited as you know I look forward to this twice a year. Now, what to wear? 

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What Tickles My Fancy

Much like every fashion lover, I too look forward to the new fashion shows every season (and bi-season, "pre-fall", OK!). And by "look forward to the new fashion shows" I mean race to style.com to see them. I usually just go to view my select favourite designers that I always have an eye on. And that usually satisfies me. 

For some reason not even Prada or Vivienne Westwood's Spring/Summer '15 shows interested me. And that's saying a lot! I don't know if it's me or the clothes but all my usual faves just weren't doing it for me. Not to say I don't love my regulars and they didn't produce beautiful clothes, they did. What I crave in a fashion line is creativity, unusualness and when the clothes really make me think for a second. I also love when fashion shows don't make sense or straight up frighten me. I know this may sound weird, but if I wanted to see plain clothes, I could just walk though a mall. 

This is just what I personally need from a fashion show. I know the initial point of them is to showcase clothes so the viewers would consider covering them in the media or actually buying. But seeing as I'm not rich, I want some entertainment, dammit! 

This year's lack of what I particularly look for forced me to "click" past the regulars. And what I found was spectacular! Some of them I recognized but didn't count them in my top faves and some I had never heard of before. Now I definitely have a longer "regulars list". I came across some truly breathtaking pieces. 

Here's a round up of my hidden treasures that I hope you'll love too. All photos are from style.com, duh. 

Manish Arora. My ideal clothing! 

Manish Arora. I adored EVERY. SINGLE. LOOK. 

Junya Watanabe. Pastel dreams. 

Junya Watanabe. I love how weird this collection is. 
Love the shag, Galliano. And these weird shoes! 

Moschino. Sorry, had to mention this. The Barbie collection was a DREAM. Literally my childhood dreams on the runway. 
Gareth Pugh.
One of the ones that made me go "What?" Love that. Gareth Pugh.

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Polka Face

This has got to be the warmest Fall I've ever encountered. It's amazing. I wore this outfit to work and out on errands. The skirt is from Zara and believe it or not, it's a large. I'd normally be an XL or 1x but this seems to fit! It's funny how most people look past certain pieces just because they automatically think they won't fit. I've been a culprit of this but have learned not to judge something by the brand or shrug it off because I don't think it will fit or look good. The best things get overlooked sometimes. I love the print of this skirt, it reminds me a bit of Missoni with it's 60s feel and rich colours. I'm wearing a t-shirt that is actually spotted on the back and matching polka dot tights. My shoes are from New Look in England. That place has THE SHOES I tell ya. We could really use that store here in Canada. They have amazing things, good prices, great quality, plus sizes, and really cool shoes! 

T-shirt: Joe Fresh. $4. Skirt: Zara: $29. Tights: Joe Fresh, $6. Shoes: New Look, 22 pounds. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show (which is coming up Nov. 1): $10.

photos by Lisa Kidd.

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What I'm Thankful For: There's Hope

As Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) comes to an end and today is Canadian Thanksgiving, I wanted to write about the strength of those living with mental illness and how I'm feeling thankful for the progress in this area. Many people wake up everyday and getting out of bed seems impossible. Those living with the pain and stigma of mental illness fight a battle everyday. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge their strength and courage. I've seen firsthand these particular struggles in my family and have recently struggled over the past year with anxiety myself. While living with a mental illness can be extremely difficult and there is still some stigma in even talking about it, I felt very hopeful  in the things I've seen and heard this week. 

There are so many great people creating change and hope for better ways of treating and talking about mental illness. For one, The Royal announced this week a $2-million donation from DIFD and the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation to fund a Chair in Suicide Prevention. This new research will hopefully shine light on new ways of treating mental illness and specifically helping to prevent suicide. This gives me hope for a world where no one will feel so low that they don't have any other option and no one will have to suffer the pain of losing someone to suicide.

In addition to this awesome announcement, this week I was at a workplace building downtown as well as at Carleton University's Mental Illness Awareness Week tables promoting mental health and the HealthyMinds app (a really cool app for helping deal with stress, anxiety, etc.). I really enjoy talking to people about mental health and offering any sort of information or help that I can. While I'm not a mental health professional of any sort, I can offer an ear to listen and any type of informational resources I have on hand. The sheer fact that large universities and workplaces are celebrating this week like any other and social media exploded with tips, resources, fascinating tweet chats and new articles, shows progress. It's weeks like these that truly give me hope for a much brighter future for those living with mental illness. It will take more time to keep on chipping away at the stigma and raising awareness/funds for research and equipment, etc., but there has been a lot of progress and for that, I am hopeful. I think it's important to recognize this progress because it's major and long overdue. 

If you're living with mental illness, I commend you for fighting this battle as I know it's not easy. Please keep fighting and don't be afraid to talk to someone. Trust me, I know it's not easy but it helps, a lot.

Also, don't underestimate the power of a smile or a compliment, it can literally change a persons life. It's happened to me. Don't just think compliments, say them. Smile at everyone you see. Be kind, always. For everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

PS- here's someone who's suffering right now but still has a message of hope.

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Moonroom Delights

I wore this for a much needed ladies night. We went out to the Moonroom in Little Italy, a place that has been on my "to go" list for a while now. We had drinks and tapas. They have a delectable array of cheeses and we also tried the bacon wrapped olives. I wore this sporty/minimalist outfit. It brings out a side of me that I've been trying to embrace more lately. While I love crazy prints, patterns, and textures, sometimes I take a break and dress simple. I've been wearing this furry pink scrunchy for weeks now. I love it. 

Top: H&M, $15. Jeans: Forever 21+, $18. Sandals: H&M, 12 pounds. Scrunchy: Ardene, $2. Purse: Value Village, $4.

Photos by Rosie.

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Every Woman

 Last night I attended the Safara Fashion Show with Aurelia. The show, which celebrates African print in fashion, was held in the beautiful Tabaret Hall at the University of Ottawa. After some seating issues, we eventually got settled and the show opened with beautiful, lively African dancers. The first designer, Elie Kuame opened the show with a real bang. He's a designer from Paris and his clothes were just amazing. They hugged each curve yet were so unique.

I absolutely adore African prints. They're colourful, fun, and each print is so different from the next. In event organizer Gwen Madiba's closing speech, she expressed how as human citizens of the world, we should all celebrate African print and wear it with pride. She introduced a winning design for a contest they held and the model walked the runway to Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman. It was a perfect moment. Learn more about the event here.

My outfit was thrown together in a flash. I don't like to put too much thought or time into how I dress. When I over think it, I tend to end up hating what I come up with. I'm so happy I finally had an occasion to wear my new gold blazer and this red leather purse that I've had for weeks (maybe even months). My hair was inspired by it's too long and I have roots. I think I invented a new hairstyle.

Head to toe Value Village. Blazer: Studio J, $10. Slip Dress: $7. Purse: $5. Shoes: Nine West, $7.50 

Designer: Elie Kuame
Elie Kuame
Elie Kuame 

Designer: Nyira: Elegance & Arts
Designer: Umoja Dji M.S.
Designer: Gwen Madiba. All photos by Aurelia and myself. 

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