England Part 6: Afternoon Tea & a Wedding

My last days in England were bitter sweet but full of excitement. They were spent shopping, eating carbs, having afternoon tea, and ended with one of the major reasons we traveled there in the first place: to see Jonathan's cousin Ben get married. I absolutely loved my outfit for the wedding. It was carefully crafted before I left and was pulled together with the help of friends. Rosie found me the skirt at The Bay and Aurelia let me borrow her sequin top. The two were a match made in heaven and I loved how everything looked together. The wedding itself was beautiful. The food was delicious and the live band rocked. I also got to meet a lot of Jonathan's relatives, who were super kind and welcoming. It's fun having conversations about the differences/similarities in our countries. The day after the wedding we all met up for lunch and then returned home to pack everything up. Getting all my purchases into my suitcase was challenging but I was pleasantly surprised when everything fit and was in the allotted weight. I already miss being there so much but am already planning (in my head) to go back. 

How is September almost already done? The chilly air has arrived in Canada but only in the morning it seems. I keep reminding myself that this weather now is 100x better than Winter so I'm trying to be very grateful and soak up the sun before it's gonzo. How's your pre-fall? 


CARBS FILLED WITH MORE CARBS. That meringue came home with me. 

Proper afternoon tea. AH-MAZING. 

Real scones, jam, and clotted cream. First time ever trying clotted cream, it was delish. 
Because you needed a close up. You can blame me if you eat scones tonight. 

Live band at tea. SO lovely.
Shirt: Borrowed from Aurelia (she got it at Urban Outfitters Renewal). Skirt: Lord & Taylor, The Bay, $29. Shoes: Spring: $22. Clutch: Primark, 8 pds. Headband/scrunchie: Ardene, $4. 

This room was transformed two more times after the ceremony- so impressive! I love the look of it. 


One happy lady. Pictures by Jonathan Lindsay and me. 

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  1. Anonymous9/18/2014

    SO gorgeous Laura :) you take beautiful pictures and it was a pleasure going with you.